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Xverse – Rebranding

A rebranding for a fast-growing Bitcoin Web3 wallet, featuring among other components a recognisable new logo, Icon, typeface & colour palette. The objective was to create a sophisticated and elegant feel, while maintaining a modern and accessible aesthetic.

The Next Cartel – TC2171

To remind, recognize, and reunite. The year is 2171 and Amsterdam as we know it is submerged in water. As a new geographic silhouette graces the city, and superstructures rise high above the sea level, a new cultural climate rules the neighborhoods of Amsterdam.

Ogeez – The Good Stuff

A lighter living, enjoy the ride. Life is meant to be enjoyed, not weighed down by unnecessary stress and burden. A lighter living means letting go of what doesn’t serve us and embracing the present moment, fully and joyfully.

Saye – Keep Breathing

“Keep Breathing” is a film campaign for the vegan sneaker brand SAYE. The film highlights the challenges that young people face in today’s fast-paced society and encourages them to stay present and mindful. By focusing on the importance of being conscious and present, the film encourages viewers to make positive choices and live with purpose.

Polite Worldwide – You are exactly where you have to be

Connecting with nature and yourself. We represent Polite’s morals and invite for reflection on the core topics of the brand. Specifically, the lifestyle choices and obligations associated with our inherited planet, as well as the pure joy and love associated with being alive on earth.

Mandetron – Fashion Film

Mandetron is a fashion film for the brand LED. It brought Brazil’s vibrant colours and lively rhythms to life, promoting the brand’s philosophy of freedom and happiness. The film pays tribute to the rich and energetic culture of Brazil, highlighting the brand’s connection to the country and its people.

The Next Cartel x Triwa – Celebration of the Sun

The Next Cartel join forces with TRIWA to release the NFT collection “Celebration of the Sun”. An ode to the sun and its significance to ancient civilizations throughout time, each piece of the collection embodies a moment in history, its beliefs, and symbolism.

We Are Labels – The Post-Pandemic Capsule

The Next Cartel partnered up with agency Another Culture to create the new video for the We Are Labels post-pandemic capsule, celebrating the reawakening of possibilities. After having been forced to live in a state of nostalgia, we can now choose to keep doing so or escape to another world by means of music or sheer imagination