Meller – Halloween Campaign

Introducing Meller’s halloween campaign, for the exclusive launch of 5 new sunglasses. Our mission was to artfully blend the essence of Meller’s identity into a frightening shareable experience. The project is a fresh take on content, combining it with the immersive storytelling of cinema. We approach the campaign with a lighthearted mindset, inviting viewers to enjoy it without taking it too seriously. The campaign strikes a balance between suspense and humor, keeping audiences engaged and entertained throughout.

Started in 2014, Meller is a Barcelona-born brand, known for its high-quality sunglasses with disruptive designs, made from ethical and durable materials.

Production House: SIERRA
Creative Director: Felipe Santibañez
Creative Director Meller: Carles Martínez Muñoz
Art Director Meller: Daniel Rivera
DOP: Matt Turzynski
1AC: Alba Muñoz
Photographer: Kenneth Anderson
Stylist: Tania Morenilla
Producer: Matthew Mills
Video Editor: Felipe Druda
Gaffer: Edi Ferreira
Gaffer Assistant: Joan Carrasco
MUAH: Claudia Casanovas
Main Talent 1: Annie Brooks
Talent Campaign Reel: Matthew Mills