OMNIÅ – Website

We conceived a user-friendly e-commerce platform for Omnia, the groundbreaking collective that is tearing down the walls of social norms via fashion and music. The collective label’s creative endeavors are reflected in this project’s unique design approach.

Omniå refers to the Latin word ‘Omnia’, which translates to ‘everything’ or ‘all’. The brand is the embodiment of the collective idea of togetherness. Their attitude towards anything and everything they do, prioritizes first and foremost inclusivity.
We have developed OMNIÅ’s new website with CSS customizations. The website developed on Shopify has floating elements that emphasise the at times surreal aesthetics of the brand.
By incorporating custom videos into the product pages, we provided users with a more engaging and memorable experience, enhancing the unique identity of the collective.

Creative Agency: The Next Cartel
Project Manager: Tim Warmolts
Design & Development: Anna Franques