Ogeez – The Good Stuff

A lighter living, enjoy the ride. Life is meant to be enjoyed, not weighed down by unnecessary stress and burden. A lighter living means letting go of what doesn’t serve us and embracing the present moment, fully and joyfully.

Ogeez is a brand based in Barcelona that produces the only premium chocolate buds. The brand’s products are handmade in Spain with sustainably-sourced chocolate and are intended to bring a sense of fun and joy to those who consume them.

Creative Agency: The Next Cartel
Direction: Felipe Santibañez
DP: Andre Ramiro and Dani de la Rocha
Art Direction: Bruna Zidiotti
Set dresser: Lola Germans
Art assistant: Eva Molinas
Styling: Khaliah Jones
Color Grading: Ivan Rodriguez
Actor: Karim Maiga