Polite Worldwide – Website

Marking the next step in Polite Worldwide’s e-commerce journey, the brand’s new virtual universe empowers its growth through an amalgamation of an exclusive online boutique experience and a conversion-focused webshop.

LA-based brand Polite Worldwide combines luxury, sustainability and whimsical designs. This label offers a range of accessories, ready-to-wear and jewellery, all made with intention and consciousness.
We created a custom Shopify website to reflect the brand’s needs and aesthetics to the fullest. It allowed us to create a customer journey, that would breathe Polite Worldwide from the product pages to the checkout.
By consolidating an optimal visual experience across all devices, we ensured the user experience to be fully optimised. All with the focus on a cohesive and intuitive online representation for the brand.

Creative Agency: The Next Cartel
Project Management: Tim Warmolts
Copywriting: Marina Azcárate Rodriguez
Design & Development: Anna Franques