The Next Cartel x Triwa – Celebration of the Sun

The Next Cartel join forces with TRIWA to release the NFT collection “Celebration of the Sun”. An ode to the sun and its significance to ancient civilizations throughout time, each piece of the collection embodies a moment in history, its beliefs, and symbolism.

Triwa is an independent and contemporary watch and accessory brand. Founded in 2007 in Stockholm by four friends, they define themselves as norm challengers and innovators in an old industry. They aim to create modern statement symbols instead of traditional status symbols.
The collection consists of four full outfits inspired by the Greek, Roman, Mesopotamian, Inca, and Egyptian civilizations and an exclusive sunglasses design in two different colors. alongside the collection, the next cartel presents a solar-powered watch, reinterpreting one of the pieces of Swedish brand Triwa’s new collection “Time for Solar.”
The clockwork of the watch is inspired by an ancient solar technique to tell the time, where a shadow is formed by a blade in the middle of the clockwork, showing the time based on the position of the sun. The watch is presented in a digital pop-up store where users can have a fully immersive virtual experience.

Digital Fashion Design: Cornel Doornebosch
Virtual Space Design: Aylin Değirmen
Creative Direction: Felipe Santibañez