Polite Worldwide – You are exactly where you have to be

Connecting with nature and yourself. We represent Polite’s morals and invite for reflection on the core topics of the brand. Specifically, the lifestyle choices and obligations associated with our inherited planet, as well as the pure joy and love associated with being alive on earth.

LA-based brand Polite Worldwide combines luxury, sustainability and whimsical designs. This label offers a range of accessories, ready-to-wear and jewellery, all made with intention and consciousness.
“People are becoming more aware of the harmful effects on the environment, and inspired to become more mindful”. By capturing the connection between our models and the natural world, we inspire you to contemplate the crucial issues at the brand’s heart.
We envisioned using earthy tones, natural settings and incorporating elements of self-reflection and mindfulness in the poses and expressions of our models.

Creative Agency: The Next Cartel
Direction: Felipe Santibañez
DOP: Matt Turzymski
Styling: Noor Zouitina
Photography: Enzo Iarte
Models: Ronald E., Carlota Dura & Iago Santibañez
Edit: Matt Turzymski
Sound Design / Mix & Master: Brandon Miranda
Off Voice: Adeline Hedmar
Colourist: Matt Turzymski
Concept Ideation: Felipe Santibañez
Concept Ideation Assistant: Madeleine Urban
Script: Felipe Santibañez & Tavia Azzinaro
Line Producer: Tim Warmolts