Born Living Yoga – Fall Campaign

Inspired by the philosophy of yoga as a means through which our Warrior Goddesses have their fullest potential and they can attain their “highest state” we inspire all women to seek their own path in our community. The “Warrior Goddesses” arrive on earth from a distant future, a time when the practice of Yoga has saved humanity. They come with a mission, to motivate all women to awaken the warrior in each of them. Through an inspirational narrative and with a minimalist and futuristic aesthetic, we highlight the feminine strength in a fictional story, aiming to connect these warrior goddesses with the rest of the women in the world.

Born Living Yoga promotes a mindful and holistic lifestyle through the practice of yoga. They offer high-quality yoga products and other accessories made from eco-friendly and sustainable materials. The brand’s commitment to sustainability aligns with their goal to promote balance and wellness practices for a happier and healthier life.

Creative Direction: Felipe Santibañez
Film Direction & Photography: Chechu Pajares
DOP: Matt Turzymski
Art Direction: Laura Prim
Art Assistant: Bruna Zidiotti
Styling: Hernan Aguirre
Make UP & Hair: Andrea
Production: Marina Azcaráte & Eduardo Ezequiel
Produced by: Lunartic Productions