Born Living Yoga – Fall Campaign


Photo & Video Production

In the midst of the vast, arid desert, we are illuminated by the mystical magic of our shared humanity. The relentless winds of change howl around us, driving us to summon the courage to face them head-on, to seek balance and strength, and to discover our true selves. As we wander through the sands of time, we are reminded to embrace the beauty of the journey and to find peace within ourselves.

Born Living Yoga promotes a mindful and holistic lifestyle through the practice of yoga. They offer high-quality yoga products and other accessories made from eco-friendly and sustainable materials. The brand’s commitment to sustainability aligns with their goal to promote balance and wellness practices for a happier and healthier life.
This production for the Fall 2021 campaign of Born Living Yoga reminds us that with each step on the path of self-discovery, the past fades away, and the soul is reborn, pure and free.
With each frame, the brand urges us to embark on a journey of self-discovery. The evocative imagery and poetic voiceover remind us to embrace change, seek balance, and find our inner power to experience a soulful rebirth.

Creative Direction: Felipe Santibañez
Film Direction & Photography: Chechu Pajares
DOP: Matt Turzymski
Art Direction: Laura Prim
Art Assistant: Bruna Zidiotti
Styling: Hernan Aguirre
Make UP & Hair: Andrea
Production: Marina Azcaráte & Eduardo Ezequiel
Produced by: Lunartic Productions