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Ideation, Pre-Production, Production & Post-Production

An image is worth a thousand words, so you best make that image count. Your brand’s visual content is your voice, it is your identity. Video production and photo production are not just about capturing the attention of potential customers, it's about understanding them, engaging with them, and integrating them into your community.

The Next Cartel’s productions are made up of passionate, specialized storytellers. An international, multidisciplinary team who can take your message and infuse it with the photo production and video production magic needed to transform it into a powerful, captivating, meaningful visual message. We create visual productions that go above and beyond to meet the requirements of your brand persona. We manage the entire video and photo production process – from the initial brief, through concept development, pre-production, shooting, to post-production.


Take your brand story to the next level and find its visual voice

Reach out to us and tell us more about your project. Let’s explore your opportunities.


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