Wayne Snow Drops Visuals For His Newest Track: The Thrill

June 24, 2021
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June 24, 2021
Source: Pic courtesy of Wayne Snow

You might remember Wayne Snow from when we he released the music video for his hypnotizing track Seventy, ever since, we’ve been careful to watch out for any of his stuff, because if there’s one thing we know for sure, it does not disappoint.

This time it’s Snow returns with his visuals for his newest track The Thrill.

And for this one, The Nigerian-born neo-soul artist really went all out.

The Thrill is a highly stylised slice of alternative pop / soultronica that Styleboi_92, Crayon, and Snow knocked out of the park. The song was written as a paean to the complexity of human nature, and stands a nice contrast to what Snow calls:

“The excitement we get from what we barely understand.”

The combination of woozy synths, funk guitar, and amazing vocals nod to the songs spiritual nature. As Snow says:

“We are often in a hurry to reduce everything to a simple expression so as not to fail in front of others, yet even with unlimited means to justify ourselves, this charade is always unfruitful.”

In the video, once again led by acclaimed photographer & director Travys Owen, you see the Tree of Life visualized. It stands for ‘perfect life’ and ‘unity’, while the dancers in the clip bring us closer, or take us further away, from these ideals.

What the video also intends to bring across is a celebration of contemporary Africa and Afrofuturism, and aims to elevate the black and LGBTQIA+ community. The dance crew Rebellious Dance Saints are featured in the video. It is filmed from the Cape Flats in Cape Town and is known for its deeply seated issues of crime, poverty and violence. Additionally, Afrodizzy, a acrobatic group from Kenya, give a vibrant, gravity-defying performance that showcases the boundless physical capabilities of our bodies – and by extension, our minds.

Source: The Vinyl Factory

The song is the third single he released that is to be part of his upcoming and most ambitious project yet, Figurine. All we know about the project for now, is that it is a conceptual, personal work of depth and reflection, one that critically considers humanity’s obsession with masks and our creation of avatars.

It’s been almost 3 years since Snow starting working on this project, which is set to be released on the 24th of September. What can we say? We can’t wait!

And trust us, after checking out his video, neither will you.

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