The Out of Touch Exhibition: Using Art to Support Racial Justice and Medical Aid

August 2, 2021
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August 2, 2021


Source: Subliminal Projects


A name like Out of Touch already suggests that this exhibition is different from other art exhibitions. This online yearlong fundraising exhibition is presented by Subliminal Projects, an LA gallery, inviting new artists to join every quarter to add new evolved views to the exhibition. Presenting this exhibition is also a way for the gallery to show how important the fight for racial justice is, particularly in these pandemic times.


Out of Touch's mission goes beyond the message it is trying to communicate to its audience, it aims to translate this message into action by donating the proceeds to the relief of health crisis especially in the COVID-19 context and the social revolution. Thus exacerbating the impact en power behind the exhibition.



Source: Bryce Wymer


The Out of Touch exhibition is made up of artwork created from twenty-five artists working together with nonprofits and patrons. Two of nonprofit organizations involved are 'Colour of Change' and 'Heart to Heart International' receiving in total 30 percent of the proceeds from the art sales of the exhibition. Colour of Change, as the largest online racial justice organization in the US, will destine the donation towards campaigns which aim to propel society towards a more inclusive, just, world, a world where Black people aren't discriminated against. Heart to Heart International aims to improve access to healthcare for people living in the US.



Source: Xavier Schipani


The artists coming from all around the world are united in the sense that their art revolves around the topics of interaction and connection between human beings, and how these are changing and shifting in today's society, as well as the uncertainty of the future. The exhibition's art collection consists of a vast array of pieces belonging to different art forms, from photography, digital drawing, sketches, to acrylic paintings. With every artist having its own unique and individual style, we can comfortably say there are pieces in the exhibition for everyone's taste.


This collection is not only meaningful in its message, mission, and impact, but also extremely valuable and compelling for anyone interested in experiencing a unique art collection on a new evaluation of humanity.



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