Meet Simon Fujiwara; The Architect Turning Heads As An Artist

May 31, 2021
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May 31, 2021

Berlin based artist Simon Fujiwara is not your typical artist, which makes his work that much more interesting.

With a background in architecture, Simon arrived at the Art Academy Städelschule in Frankfurt looking to get into art, which was not an easy task. It was a place where being taken seriously was quite the struggle, until he made The Museum Of Interest. In this project he explores the depths of his relationship with architecture, which lead to his peers accepting him as an artist.

Over the years, Fujiwara has become known for his staging of large, complex exhibitions, which link back to his architectural background where he explores the deeply rooted mechanisms of identity construction for both individuals and societies.

Source: Collectors Agenda

He is always trying new styles, techniques, and concepts, so much so that sometimes it becomes hard to recognise all his work. Crossing multiple mediums, from sculpture and installation, to video, and painting, mining worlds as diverse advertising and archaeology, the artist’s work reflects the reality which inspires it.

His most recent work “Who the Bær”, is an exhibition showcased at Fondazione Prada in Milan until September 27. The exposition takes you on a trip full of irony and critique of our modern society, done through the cartoon character of bear.

In the series, Simon gets into what identity means. And within it, it comes from his personal experiences of having a lack of representation of his reality and starting to question the system.

“I was in a complex position because I never fully identified racially: I’m mixed and I’m gay, I also grew up in a really white village where everyone had stories and fairytales that represented them, but there was never one that depicted my reality exactly. I also questioned whether stories have to depict your own reality all the time.”

Below you can see some work from from the collection, make sure to dive into his website and Instagram for more!

Source: Metal Mag

Source: Metal Mag

Source: Metal Mag

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