Sans Soucis releases the ethereal “I’m On”, and we can’t get enough

April 26, 2021
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April 26, 2021


Source: Sans Soucis


"Can I be: genre-fluid? exciting and intense? light and dark? ecstatic and depressed? she/her? they/them? fun and awkward? foreign at home and at home in a foreign country? I don’t have all the answers to this."


This is the first line one can read on Sans Soucis' website, which to us, strikes a particular chord. Haven't we all felt those seemingly contradictory elements in life tear us apart just a little bit inside? Sometimes not so much a little bit, but really quite a damn lot? That internal battle that we so often try to suppress, and confine, putting pressure on our precious little hearts… Well, that's what Sans Soucis canalizes, and subsequently sets free, with and through her music.


The artist defies categorisation, instead, she navigates the realms of life and music, leaning on R&B, pop, and classical influences, exploring the depths of human introspection.



Source: Sans Soucis


The UK-based singer/songwriter recently released her latest single, the delightfully diaphanous "I'm On". This beautiful track – because it truly just is, purely and simply, beautiful – came out alongside an equally beautiful video, that sees a pensive Soucis contemplate life while painting on the floor, or sitting on the sofa, at times accompanied by other Soucis', dancing and singing along, celebrating existence.


The many syths and the tuneful bassline, come together entrancingly, and once the vocal arrangements start, it's time to let yourself be taken away by the Soucis' etherial voice.





I'm On is just a taste of Sans Soucis' upcoming EP, titled On Time For Her, which the artist describes as the point of inflection. This EP is the result of Soucis' quest to find her own creative voice once again, and her strife to overcome years of depression. Through music, support, and therapy, Sans Soucis was able to bring herself back, and take ownership of her narrative, as the carefree person she had always been. Figuratively, and literally, as she takes her name from a childhood nickname meaning "carefree" in Congolese.



"I'm on, I'm out of space, and there is nothing wrong"

Excerpt from Sans Soucis' "I'm On"



If track is just the tip of the iceberg of Soucis's catharsis, and ensuing beginning, just like the Titanic, we're heading straight towards it, soul first.



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