Sad Night Dynamite takes you on a journey through light, and the deepest of shadows

April 16, 2021
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April 16, 2021


Source: NME


Meet Sad Night Dynamitethe British duo that will transport you to a place where hip-hop meets jazz and electronic sounds. A world were the the flawless use of genre-bending reigns supreme.




The duo, made up of long-time friends Archie Blagden and Josh Greacen, was born out of the pair's efforts to keep in touch while attending different universities in the UK. This way of collaborating, besides resulting in countless Facebook messages and files being sent back and forth, gave the artists the space and clarity necessary to develop a project that could exist outside of the constraints of time, limits, or genres.


Rather, the project is an exploration of life and reality itself, warped by hues of the otherworldy. Their songs take you on a journey which consistently dips in and out of the Upside Down – any Stranger Things fans out there?. They skilfully navigate the intricacies of light and its shadows, masterfully juxtaposing beauty and violence. Giving its audience an insight into the dark, but sexy, side of the moon.





Having grown up close to Glastonbury, home to one of the biggest festivals in the world, Archie and Josh have long been in exposed to most of the major acts whose music has graced this earth. Slowly but surely, the subconscious desire to make music themselves, was imprinted bone-deep.


Now, they are the ones making the music that graces our ears, bringing a refreshing kink to the industry. With the release of their latest music video Krunk, they seeked to work back from the mixtape's cover art.



Source: Sad Night Dynamite


The sinister odyssey, directed by Greg Hackett, is a cinematic revenge-fantasy and a parody of the male egoIt is as much a dream, as it is a nightmare. It is Sad Night Dynamite, it its purest of forms.





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