Noga Erez’s new album “KIDS” is our new drug

April 28, 2021
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April 28, 2021


Source: Stereogum


Ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce you to the discovery of the week, nay, the month. You know what? We dare say the discovery of the year. That's how intensely we feel about Noga Erez's new album KIDS. We literally cannot stop listening to it.


The melange of brassy, muted, silky, upbeat, and measured sounds, paired with an exceptionally rich production, make a masterpiece of an album. Truly. Hats off to Noga Erez.


We can't wait any longer longer to show you, just click play and keep reading. Because we're not sure words are up to the task of describing this gem.



Those who were already familiar with the Israeli artist's debut album, Off The Radar, will note the audible differences between both projects. Whereas Erez's 2017 sound was permeated by a palpable sonic darkness, and was explicitly political in substance, 2021 Erez has more of a brightness to it, almost leaning towards the palatability of pop music.


Still, hardcore Noga Erez fans, do not worry, because while slightly more optimistic, listening to this album will still give you that dose of gritty, electronic, defiant sound, you know and love.



A lot of the artist's work is collaborative, her main partner in music being also her partner in life, artist Ori Rousso. ROUSSO appears in many of Erez's songs and music videos. Their relationship for example, being the footing of the song Story.


Erez has taken a much more personal approach to this projects compared to her previous work, and while one can expect the tracks to explore a variety of subjects, such as social media and contemporary politics, according to the artist, at the core of it all is an ode to her mother, to ROUSSO's mother, and her unborn children. At the core of it all is that relationship between kids, and parents, and intergenerational connections, care, love, and nurture.



Now, do yourself a favour and leave this playing



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