Nicholas Daley’s Exhibition Is A ‘Safe Space’ For ‘Healing And Togetherness’

June 16, 2021
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June 16, 2021

London Fashion Week’s film-heavy scheduling left us inspired and blown away by the season’s innovative creators. Nicholas Daley, in particular, with his short film ‘Return To Slygo,’ left a huge impact on us here at The Next Cartel.

But luckily for us, and all of Daley’s other fans, there’s more to discover this season with his fully immersive summer exhibition at NOW Gallery in London.

The exhibition, which takes the same name as the film, is billed as a “coming together of Nicholas’s multicultural Jamaican-Scottish roots with his passion for music in a multi-sensory installation.

Source: Visit Greenwich

For those that haven’t yet seen ‘Return To Slygo’, the film, directed by Akinola Davias Jr, ignites an intergenerational exchange between Black, British artists on ancestry, culture, and resistance through music.

The bustling house party, in which it’s set, is packed full of inspiring artists and collaborators and is scored by the music of Sons of Kemet, Nubya Garcia, and Dennis Bovell, as well as the poetry of Roger Robinson.

A second film, again with a committed focus on the artist’s ancestry, will also be shown to exhibition goers. Directed by Joseph Dunn, this second, documentary-style film explores the influence of the artist’s parents, showcasing ancient knitting practices passed-down, and presenting intimate, family discussions on ancestry.

On top of screening these thought-provoking films, Return To Slygo also sees the gallery transformed into a much-needed safe place to sit and dwell during a “moment of national healing and togetherness.”

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This is achieved through Daley’s creative vision and textural finesse that sees entire floors covered in bespoke woven carpets and colourful stools. Both creating a place for the local community and visitors to slow down and inviting admiration of his rich and diverse designs.

A playlist by Nabihah Iqbal, thoughtfully assembled with music, key tracks, and the reminiscence of Maureen and Jeffrey Daley on the role of reggae, is available to download, as this multi-sensory exhibition keeps to its promise of truly enriching each of our senses in turn.

An exclusive Nicholas Daley Tote bag and a zine produced for the exhibition with stills by Piczo from the film will also be on sale at the gallery.

Source: Fucking Young

Tickets are free and available to book via the gallery’s Eventbrite with the exhibition running until 4th July.

For those unable to attend, a virtual tour of Return To Slygo is available via the exhibition page. Or click here to watch the film ‘Return To Slygo.’

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