The Next Vol. 6: Transcend This Planet With Naomi Sharon’s Music

February 2, 2022
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February 2, 2022

Welcome to The Next, TNC’s new series where we talk about some of the top creatives of tomorrow. We will be talking about, and at times with, artists who we believe are on their way to becoming The Next big thing.

So… Let’s get right to it shall we?

Music is the language of us all. It has the power of connecting us to each other, to ourselves, and funnily enough, it can also help us disconnect when we need to. While one can imagine themselves in parallel dimensions, faraway lands, and fantastical stories through books and movies, music has the unique capacity of transporting your soul and elevating it into a higher, or at the very least deeper, state of being. You could say that in a way, some musicians are like shamans, guiding your journey through the light and the dark, traversing the entrails of love and hate, of hope and despair. In essence, helping you navigate the human experience of being alive, and all the feelings and states of mind evoked in the process.

That’s why, when you find an artist whose music you click with, they can feel so close. Metaphorically speaking. You see yourself reflected in their music, and so you feel like you know them, because their songs seem to know you.

Aaaaand why exactly are we telling you all this? Well, ladies and gentlemen, we’ve found our latest shaman, and since sharing is caring… Meet Naomi Sharon.

                                                                          Source: Wonderland Magazine

Who is Naomi Sharon?

Naomi Sharon is a 26-year-old Caribbean-Dutch artist who beautifully blends hues of alternative R&B, jazz, and soul to create her own distinctive sonic landscape. Listening to Naomi Sharon is like allowing a gentle wave to swallow you whole, only to tenderly place you above the ocean water to placidly float adrift. You’d think she has velvet for vocal cords after listening to her enthralling voice.

Without a doubt, this goddess of a woman came to the world to bless our senses with her music. Naomi Sharon was exposed to music from a very young age. Her family was very musically inclined, and her household was constantly filled with music. She went on to study acting in theatre school for three years before dropping out to pursue her career. Naomi booked roles in productions such as ‘The Lion King’ and ‘Dreamgirls’, and in 2015 she appeared in the Dutch version of the TV show ‘The Voice’ capturing the attention of an entire nation.

Although she blew the audience away in ‘The Voice’, it wasn’t until she stepped into herself and released her own music that she truly enchanted us, her inner beauty and talent vividly shining through. Her debut single The Moon came out in 2019. A gift to the world, a story of love, of self-love. It’s not just that Naomi Sharon makes the music that you want, she makes the music that you need.

Her latest release ‘Daughter of The Sun’ solidified her status as a rising star, earning her international praise. An ode to the female energy in the cosmos, and the magic of being a woman walking this earth. Naomi’s relationship with her music seems to be permeated by spirituality, enticing its audience to open up to the gifts of the universe. Ask and you shall receive, just let it come to you.

Naomi Sharon is the new Sade

The Dutch-Caribbean artist could well be the new Sade. We can easily see her having a similar monumental impact and influence in the music industry than that of the ‘Smooth Operator’ singer. After all, it is extremely rare to come across an artist that not only has a gorgeous, unique voice and songwriting talent but is also able to construct a musical experience that transcends the musical panorama of its time.

Naomi Sharon’s music is the quintessential sound of the future. Carrying the wisdom of the past and incorporating it to the empowerment of the present, to reach the enlightenment of the future.

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