Miftha Bahardeen’s Photography Invites You Into His Subjects’ Intimate and Raw Inner-Worlds

May 14, 2021
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May 14, 2021

Miftha Bahardeen is the Hamburg-based photographer who unites high fashion with raw human emotion through his work.

Born in Colombo, Miftha moved to Hamburg at the age of six and always knew he was destined for a career in the arts. For him, thelife-changing moment” was visiting a Sarah Moon exhibition in the city, where he first observed the creative harmony of combining fashion and photography.

Source: It’s Nice That

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Ever since he has worked with several fashion brands such as Atelier Neutre and Filling Pieces. Two recent projects, both for Filling Pieces, took the photographer to Senegal and Morocco respectively. Trips that saw Miftha’s delicate, thoughtful portraits, set against diverse backgrounds.

The Filling Pieces SS20 campaign saw a story of boyhood and coming of age in Senegal — beautifully and subtly told. The shots capture a pure joy —children jostle and play, while the waves lap the shore calmly in the background. But the subjects always remain centre stage.

My aim is to capture real and honest expression,” he told It’s Nice That.

Source: It’s Nice That

Source: Numero

His AW20 editorial for the same fashion house took him to Morocco where he captured a “journey between the hearts and minds of loved ones” according to his Instagram. The shots set intimate, human moments amongst both urban and natural corners of the country. Here, Miftha invites the viewer into moments so private and full of raw emotion, you almost feel like you should look away.

But of course, you don’t.

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