Rediscover the Dutch graffiti scene with STRAAT Museum’s ‘Kroonjuwelen’ panel

March 11, 2021
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March 11, 2021


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Do you have any plans for today at 6pm? Do you want to stimulate your brain with a little bit of culture and knowledge? Combat that pandemic fatigue we've all been feeling lately? In that case tune into the STRAAT Museum's Youtube channel for a live-streamed panel which celebrates the 15th anniversary of the legendary film "Kroonjuwelen".


Produced and directed by Stunned Film, the 2006 movie documents the evolution of the Dutch graffiti scene from 1978 to 2005. The exclusive film features interviews with local artists as well as in-action footage. It explores the inception of this urban artform and its relationship with the punk movement, as well as hip-hop influence. Following graffiti art throughout the decades we bear witness to an activity that was born in the gritty streets, and yet became praised as a pertinent form of art, carrying poignant meaning, indicating intricate substance and consequence.

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The panel will be comprised of : Diana Ozon – Dutch graffiti pioneer and outstanding poet, ZAP – the "Tram-King" of the 80s, Hugo Kaagman – punk zines and political stencils connoisseur, and Erwin Bok – one of the main heads behind Kroonjuwelen.


During the online panel, the leading characters of the film will further discuss how the scenes came about, and offer details regarding the production of Kroonjuwelen. The discussion will cover how the film has aged and the impact of the documentary in its 15 years of existence.



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If you have any questions, make sure to let them know via their social media, email, or during the livestream since they will be responding questions from the audience.


And in case you needed a refresher of the documentary or would like to educate your beautiful mind, you're in luck! After the panel, the full movie will be available on STRAAT Museum's youtube channel until March 18th. I don't know about you, but I can't think of a better plan for a Thursday evening.



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