‘Cherry B’ by Jordy drops today!

May 19, 2021
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May 19, 2021


Photos courtesy of Jordy


Today is the day ladies and gentlemen! Rapper Jordy finally drops the video for his new single ‘Cherry B’, using it to announce his highly anticipated forthcoming project ‘SMH’.


The single, sees the rapper place his girl front and centre, as it navigates the twists and turns of the beats, slowly turning into an ode to your loved one.




Jordy marks his return to the music industry after a brief hiatus with the aforementioned 7-track project ‘SMH’. Enlisting the likes of Jojo Mukeza, Daniel Miles, New Machine, and producer Midnight Phunk, the rapper explored various themes such as relationships, mental health, equality, and self worth.


Now, these subjects are quite commonly reflected on in music, but Jordyn notes, that being able to create music around said subjects, hand in hand with a tight knit group he sees as mentors, and considers as big brothers, has allowed him brave into previously unknown depths of his music.





Rapping as early as 8 years old, music has always been a key component of Jordy's life, and his sound is intimately tied to his personality, almost being one and the same. Honest, direct, emotional, albeit making a point to not take life too seriously.


Upon his return to music, Jordy has unlocked new levels of creativity he never knew existed, and has managed to harness his emotions with maturity, as well as translated that development of the self into his music.





As he puts it: "I'm not a rapper, I'm an artist."


Don't forget to check out ‘Cherry B’!





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