The First Ever Nuclear Influencer: Isodope Wants To Inject Your Feed With A Dose Of The Truth

May 6, 2021
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May 6, 2021

Don’t be fooled by her outlandish, alien aesthetic, Isabelle Boemeke isn’t selling an otherworldly pipe dream. The influencer, who goes by the name Isodope, wants to educate you on the importance of decarbonisation, rooted in scientific consensus and cold, hard facts.

As a successful model living in California, she was encouraged by her agents to use her platform, and branch out into influencing. At the time, the devastating heat-induced fires of 2019 were ravaging Australia and the Amazon. That’s when Isabelle came to the decision on how to use her platform. Dedicating it to thecoolest form of energy.

“What if I become a nuclear influencer,” she thought, “and just create influencer content, but hack the algorithm to deliver something that I deem meaningful?”

Source: HighSnobiety

While her agents were “horrified,” and the decision was seen as arebellionagainst the typical model-stroke-influencer hybrid, her alter-ego has already bought significant attention to the cause, garnering over 32,000 followers on Instagram and a reach of over 200,000 on Tik Tok.

Her content plays on social media tropes, luring viewers in with popular formats — such as ‘what I eat in a day’ and ‘my workout routine — and then pulling a bait-and-switch, which sees a prompt redirection into the science of renewables and the misconceptions about nuclear energy.

And why not? Many companies encourage influencers to use their platforms, endorsing teeth whitening strips, serums, and ‘skinny teas’. A phenomenon that encourages mass production, mindless consumerism, and the perpetuation of unrealistic beauty standards.

Source: Auxoro

Instead, badass Isabelle chooses to encourage actions such as self-educating on the benefits of nuclear fuel, putting pressure on governments and corporations, and making environmentally-friendly lifestyle changes.

Initially inspired by NASA scientist Carolyn Porco’s endorsement of nuclear fuel, Isabelle sees the importance of female engagement in climate science. “Science communication is historically male and I want to appeal to females,” she told High Snobiety, “I want to inspire the next generation to work on solving the world’s problems with optimism and critical thinking.”

Her love affair with nuclear energy is captivating. “Everything else sucks in comparison,” she says. Fossil fuels for obvious reasons. Solar and wind because they are intermittent and, uh, “very granola.” Duh.

With her mind set optimistically on a cleaner future, Isabelle doesn’t give in to the moral panic that grips some climate activists. She eschews the belief that humans are inherently destructive, or that we shouldn’t have kids, or that nuclear power causes three headed-animals or radioactive baby teeth in children (seriously…check out her Tik Tok).

For an otherworldly deity, her response to the those apocalyptic thinkers is extremely down-to-earth: “I think these people need therapy […]. They need love. I think humans are the coolest thing, after nuclear energy. We can create art and life-saving technologies.”

Her reserve to understand the world through science and motivation in educating others, is bound to propel this nuclear influencer to a higher realm. Already, she is hearing from people in the traditional environmental movement open to discussing the “previously taboo issue of nuclear energy.

“We all have the same goal,” she says, “we all want to solve this incredibly challenging problem of climate change and we just disagree on how to get there.”

Source: HighSnobiety

If there are three messages you can take home from Isabelle’s feeds it’s these: firstly, decarbonise, decarbonise, decarbonise. Secondly, the future of climate science is female, and finally, don’t panic. With technological innovation comes hope.

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