Hak Baker Addresses The ‘Irrelevant Elephant’ In The Room

October 13, 2021
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October 13, 2021

If there’s something that became crystal clear during these past two years when we were all locked up in our houses with nowhere to escape our thoughts to, is that culture, art, music, and most creative products, are crucial sources of solace. This didn’t start over quarantine however, as a society we have always turned to the arts to feel seen, to feel understood, to feel like we’re not alone in whatever we are going through.

With his latest release ‘Irrelevant Elephant’, Hak Baker is playing his part in offering up a space that embraces anyone who’s enduring desperate times. The authentically raw track perfectly encapsulates Hak’s deep and colourful artistry. It delves into the artist’s own struggles with addiction, and lays the emotions involved bare for all to see.

The track in itself is already something else. But the video is worth the hype immensely, it is a fantastic piece. The visual includes a nostalgic animated ‘elephant in the room’ (by illustrator Bryson Williams & animator Prathik Poojary) which at first appears harmless but becomes more menacing once the surface is scratched, reflecting the track’s themes which include tackling the negatives of addiction once the party is over.

He was alone whilst not alone, swallowing his juices of loneliness and intoxication. He drunk so much he became loud and disjointed, but appointed. The Irrelevant Elephant. Ello mate x.
Hak Baker on ‘Irrelevant Elephant’

Speaking on the concept of the video for ‘Irrelevant Elephant’, Director Jon E. Price said, “Hak’s music is so lyrical, laced with personal stories and anecdotes so I wanted the use of an elephant to have a visual and emotional meaning rather than just something fun to look at. I liked the idea of the elephant in the room becoming more of a nuisance, physically sharing and occupying the same frame, always looming. What at first seems harmless, once you scratch away at the surface, darkness lay beneath, and in our case, the parties over and addiction will rear its ugly head.”

We can all agree that ‘Irrelevant Elephant’ couldn’t come at a better time, and that Hak Baker is an undeniably talented lyricist and musician. A contemporary storyteller, whose art and lessons have the power of accompanying us, and touch the souls of many.

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