Editor’s Pick: Our New Obsession, RIMON’s ‘Digital Tears’ EP

September 10, 2021
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Written By:
September 10, 2021

It is none other than RIMON’s latest release: Digital Tears. Her new EP.


You might remember us talking about RIMON when we introduced you to the brilliant Amsterdam-based creative collective ALLE$. Back then, we had her hand gripped around our hearts with her short film “What They Called Me”. If you haven’t checked it out yet, do yourself a favor and go do that right now. Make sure you sit down though, it hits hard.


Anyhow, as for our new obsession, the Eritrean-born singer has done it again. She has completely captivated and enraptured us with her musical magic. With Digital Tears, RIMON continues her way up and beyond any limits and expectations we could’ve conjured up in her musical journey.



Source: Hotnewhiphop


The cohesiveness of the product goes beyond the sound of it all. Its strong conceptual message ties together beautifully with every element of the EP, even the artwork.


Digital Tears adopts Rimon’s digital persona ‘NOMIR’, and navigates the intricacies and complexities of digital life. It penetrates the inexorable and inescapable facts of the online world, the misinformation, cancel culture, need for approval, and lack of trust.


The long-awaited EP feels like a continuation, and evolution, to lasts year’s I Shine, U Shine EP. Taking into account how successful RIMON has been with her past work, it is a bold choice to experiment with somewhat different elements. You would think that once you’ve found the recipe to success, you kinda stick to it.




However, the R&B singer has surpassed any predictions that we had for her latest project. The expert combination of her nostalgic, almost vintage tone, and the digital elements of the production, give way to a melange of sounds and vibes that summon the loveliest musical synergy.


It is the perfect balance between innovation, and a fresh direction, while still keeping true to the essence of RIMON.

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