‘Kicks With Wicks’: These Sneaker Candles Are Just as Fire as The Real Thing

April 17, 2021
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April 17, 2021

What if we told you there was a corner of the internet where people were relentlessly waiting for the next sneaker drop? The unlucky ones mourning the ‘sold out’ label across every model of shoe and the smug ones commenting that they’ve finally copped a pair. You wouldn’t be that surprised, right? This is normal. This is what sneakerheads do.

But what if we told you that these people were only getting one shoe? All that hype for one shoe. Not a pair, just one. And that shoe was not, in fact, a shoe, but an incredibly realistic-looking ‘crepe candle.’ Well people, this is happening.

These are Crep Candle’s ‘Kicks with Wicks’, the must-have, statement piece for any shared flat or student house. Just be prepared for visiting relatives to make the inevitable “I think you left the other trainer in the shop”  joke.

Source: Manchester’s Finest

The candles are handmade in Manchester, eco-friendly, and crafted from vegan soy wax. The resemblance to the old school classics is uncanny and almost unnerving. Founder Harvey Prince and his team work scrupulously to make sure they pick up the leather texture and stitching detail of each pair.

The candles, which retail from £45-65, are designed so that burning doesn’t collapse the side of the shoe. Once the wick has burnt, the frame of the shoe remains and the piece becomes an eccentric addition to your home decor.

Harvey Prince has successfully provided another, inventive way to satisfy sneakerheads compulsive collecting habits.

Source: Manchester’s Finest

It seems that, like Harvey, many people around the world – they do worldwide shipping!- have a combined sneaker and candle obsession. And this makes sense… they are two of life’s great pleasures!

The company is rapidly generating an international hype. And while this puts huge pressure on each fortnightly drop, you don’t need to panic. Because their brand new early access scheme allows you to buy a candle before general release.

All you need to do is subscribe via their website.

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