‘Celebration’ is out today! Thank you Darrel Cole, we needed this.

April 30, 2021
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Written By:
April 30, 2021

Photos courtesy of Darrell Cole

The day has come people, the day has come. Today, 30th of April 2021, we finally get to savour Darrell Cole's new single Celebration.

The track was set to be dropped last year, and then the whole world went into a standstill, but now, like a fenix rising from the ashes, Celebration makes its debut with a rather distinguished poetic timing. You see, the song has turned into a sort of anthem here at TNC, for the post-pandemic normality we can almost begin to see at the end of this bizarre tunnel we've been in for almost a year and a half.

Written on Cole's 2019 birthday, the song celebrates life as a whole, this song is meant to be played on a hot summer day, and just raise your glass to a joyful, bountiful, existence. The artists hopes to lift spirits around the world, as if declaring: we no longer need a reason to toast, at this point in time, we should do it for the hell of it, simply because we're alive!

The track is produced by the brilliant producer Samuel Kareem, who is part of the ALLE$ Lifestyle collectiveIf you don't know what we're talking about are, do yourself a favour and check the collective out (you're welcome). ALLE$ has been working with London-born Cole for quite some time, developing his sound, combining his Hip-Hop heavily grounded roots, and blending then with genres he grew up with, which inspire him to this day, such as Afro, Jazz, Neo-Soul, and Funky House, to name a few.

Celebration is literally just what the world needs right now, we've been in the trenches for so long, we've forgotten what the sun in our faces and a drink in our hands feels like! Well, fear not, Darrell Cole is here to bring those feelings back.

At this point, there's really just one thing left to say, and that would be: Thank you Darrel Cole.

Wait, wait, there's actually more to say! As if the song wasn't good enough, the music video takes it out of the park. Take a look right now, if you wanna be swept away by opulent visuals depicting a lavish feast surrounded by anything and everything a heart could desire.


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