Alt-Rapper Bushrod Debuts His New Single ‘Pizza Date’

June 29, 2021
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June 29, 2021


Source: Bushrod


Are you looking for a light, fun, jazzy rap tune to walk around the sun-bathed streets of your town? We may have something for you then.


Meet Bushrod, the Brixton based alt-rapper who treads the line between indie-pop and hip-hop who, after releasing 'DOING OK' in the midst of the pandemic in November, is back with a new single called 'Pizza Date'.


The single comes as a small taste of his upcoming mixtape 'TV Dinner', coming out July 15th, and it follows the rapper's relatable narrative style present in his earlier work.


Bushrod's 'DOING OK' dealt with that bitter moment we all went through every single time someone asked if we were okay during lockdown. you know what we're talking about, the awkwardness of having to say you're okay when in reality there's a billion things simmering in discomfort.



Source: Bushrod


This time around, the track mischievously tackles romance and dating, frugality, tardiness, infidelity and more, showcasing Bushrod's playful cultural observation and self awareness.


“I wanted to make the record quite fun and humorous, whilst including elements of my own personal experiences throughout. Think butterflies in the stomach, awkward hugs and long walks to nowhere


'Pizza Date' is a summer-ready serenade, built on loose, jazzy guitar, and bouncing drums. The video that comes hand-in-hand with the new single, is bright and comical and builds upon the notable visual identity of the South Londoner.


Now, without further ado, 'Pizza Date'





What do you think? Are you a fan of a 'Pizza Date' or are you more of a Burger&Fries kinda person?




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