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April 9, 2021
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April 9, 2021

Did you ever sit in class in high school with your friends and talk about starting a hip hop group together, or having some freestyle sessions in the back of the car on a summer night? And then you forget about it or it just doesn’t work out? We feel you.

I mean, it makes sense. Hip hop is home to the most iconic groups in the industry throughout its rich history. Starting from Wu-Tang Clan and Run DMC to more recent groups like the Migos, EARTHGANG and Brockhampton. Kids looked up to them and wanted to be like them, because they influenced the culture so much. And they were just badass.

AG Club did exactly what every high school kid dreamed of. Jahan, aka Baby Boy, and Manny, aka 777 Media, met in high school biology class. Baby Boy is the lead vocalist and in-house graphic designer while 777 Media is their go-to director, making dope visuals for their music videos. Next we have Jody, who came across their music on Twitter and became writer and rapper. Finally, Mick Anthony, singer and writer,  was inserted into the group and boom, AG Club was born.

The guys are from the Bay Area, San Francisco with an abundance of drip. Solely looking at their incredible music videos made by 777 Media, you can tell they know what’s fresh. Babyboy was the one known for having drip and he influenced Mick and Jody into caring about they wear, which makes their videos so much cooler as well.

When making their video’s they work from the ground up. They conceptualise the video together and work on it as a unit. Manny and Baby Boy have also been doing video together since high school so they do it together, and have the experience to make it look great.

What sets AG Club apart from other groups, is how they stay true to themselves. Their music is based on what they mess with, and don’t care about any clout surrounding them. “We make shit that we like to listen to, and we listen to a lot of shit, so we make EVERYTHING.” Is what AG Club told i-D Vice in an interview. With no boundaries to their art and creativity, it makes their energy and swag so much more dope.

Last April, AG Club released their debut EP Halfway Off The Porch. Its lead single Memphis got picked up by Spotify playlists and racked up an incredibly impressive 5 million streams. On April 2nd of this year they released part 1 of their highly anticipated debut album, FYE (Fuck Your Expectations) with part 2 releasing on the April 30th. This will include their breakthrough single “Memphis Pt. 2” featuring NLE Choppa and ASAP Ferg. It also includes a track simply titled “NBA YoungBoy,” followed by “YoungBoy Interlude.”.

Pigeons & Planes named AG Club one of the most exciting artists to watch out for in 2021 and its becoming more and more clear, with songs like “Columbia” and “NOHO” are straight fire. So keep an eye out for the release, you don’t want to miss it!

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