Through The Uncorrupted Lens: 2 and 6 Collective’s Real-Life Journalism

April 15, 2021
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April 15, 2021

2 and 6 Collective is the Dutch/British publication changing the way that music, and political stories, are created and consumed. The independent magazine is committed to producing uncorrupted journalism and documenting the underground scene.

The group, founded by Chris Kelly, is comprised of various experts — including experienced journalists, production experts, street photographers, album reviewers, and even the allusive collaborator ANONYMOUS who is a “veteran in the European Graffiti underground world.

The magazine, which produces content on both Instagram and their website, is known for its focus on politics, Dutch and UK Hip-hop, grime, graffiti, and street-art.

The initial collective was comprised of Londoners living in Amsterdam — their aim: to deliver expert content on all things UK music, while capturing events and artists in the Amsterdam scene. The collective was formed at the start of 2020. If, like many, the phrase, ‘at the start of 2020’ makes your whole body ring with an impending sense of catastrophe, then don’t worry.

Source: 2 and 6 Collective

Despite the huge hit taken by the music and events industries, their lenses and pens were poised to capture the incredible stories du jour and, as such, 2 and 6 Collective managed to come out of the year stronger than ever and with the incredible support of their new readers.

As well as covering underground artists stumbled upon by the collective, the magazine also comments on currents events, perhaps part of the reason why they grew in popularity during such challenging times. Their coverage of the Dam Square Black Lives Matter protest, and The Garage Refugee Squat in Krainest, as well as their editorial on the UK government’s failings on Grenfell victims, are amongst the most hard-hitting, powerful features they have published. And definitely a significant aspect of the uncompromising, unabashed appeal of the magazine.

Source: 2 and 6 Collective

The collective has big plans for 2021, including (like everyone) getting back to live music, where their photographers tend to work some of their best magic.

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