Look Labs presents: worlds first digital fragrance as NFT

April 19, 2021
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April 19, 2021

The NFT fashion space does not seem to reach a limit.

This time, it’s not sneakers, clothing nor art. But what else can we digitalize?

Berlin based Look Labs has created a digital fragrance and they are the first to ever do so.

How? What? What does that even smell like?

Well, probably nothing.

Look-Labs created a digital fragrance using near-infrared spectroscopy to create a digital reflection of the scent, which has been encoded as an NFT.

They call it: Cyber Eau du Parfum. It released on April 11th with an NFT token issued with each purchase.

Source: Dezeen

But this is still something very unfamiliar, as it is the first ever tokenized fragrance. So, maybe some clarifications can help you out to understand it a bit more.

Digital scent is “extracted digital reflection of a physical scent.”

In order to make this artwork, Look-Labs used something dubbed NIRS. This stands for near-infrared spectroscopy, which is a method to measure the molecular vibrations of certain physical objects, in this case the perfume, to extract the wavelengths of the perfume, bottle and label.

Source: Dezeen

Look Labs incorporated the NIRS data into a limited-edition digital artwork, that was created in collaboration with Montréal-based digital artist Sean Caruso.

The initial asking price for the product was around 20.000, equaling into 10 Ether.

Aside from that, the Studio decided to produce a limited batch of the real thing. Look Labs worked together with a small French perfume maker in Grasse.

Each bottle features a power button that lights up in red when pressed by users, while the universal Earth and recycling symbols have been included as a reminder to protect our planet and raise awareness of today’s environmental challenges.

Source: Dezeen

I think if every fragrance comes with an NFT it will help limit the number of counterfeit fragrances. As well most of the fragrances are seen as valuable items, the NFT will add additional collectable value.” founder Jodan Katzarov told Dezeen. They aim to capture the future of luxury goods for the next generation of beauty consumers.

Very interesting topic to look out for in the future. We at TNC will definitely do that, and keep you up to date!

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