YEZAEL’s new collection will make you want to throw your phone away

February 25, 2021
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February 25, 2021



Source: Instagram/@yezael_angelocruciani


Designed by Angelo Cruciani, YEZAEL brings the F/W21 collection EUPHORIA to the virtual runaways of Milan Fashion Week.

With an explosion of patterns in a remarkable launching video, it is meant to be in a thread with THE SOLUTION prior collection, whose main message was that “happiness is a choice of life”.

Presenting EUPHORIA on all social platforms (TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook), the video ‘*Are you looking at your mobile or is it your mobile looking at you?*’ claims that our memory isn’t a cloud, our filters diverge from Instagram fabrication. Are we actually sure that we are looking at the world with our own eyes?

As explained by Cruciani, the video explores the “boundary between credible and incredible, illusory effects that aim to astound the viewer without resorting to the use of special effects. Identity and alienation, irony and cruelty: perfect errors and illusory ideologies”.


In the EUPHORIA collection, the reality is inverted. At its very core there is the human gaze: in a world made of masks and filters, what comes to the attention are the eyes, representing both, our wish to be seen and to see. But any reality is made of filters. And, whether they are digital or physical, they create a veil, that makes our world more and more illusory.


This collection is born from the enthusiasm, from the excitement towards the future, designed for a curious, non-passive Generation Zeta, and rebellious to the rules of consumerism. In a world increasingly enslaved by overbearing points of view, Angelo Cruciani has thought of poetic and biting streetwear, where, as usual, defects and merits are reversed, where holes and unstitching become decoration, and where the plan of perfection is totally reversed.

Watch the full video here.





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