Why We’re Excited About MET AMS, Europe’s First Metaverse Festival

May 31, 2022
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May 31, 2022

Did you think that the Metaverse, its reach, and relevance exist solely behind a screen? Think again, because MET AMS is here to bring the digital and the physical realms together. MET AMS volunteers as a tribute to be the bridge between these two worlds, showing us not only the infinite possibilities that lay before our virtual feet but also the immensely positive impact this new Web3 era could have in our day to day earthly steps.

Now, you’ll be thinking “What exactly is MET AMS?”. Glad you asked! Well, MET AMS is Europe’s first metaverse festival and it’s taking place in Amsterdam, in and around ‘de Gashounder’ on the Westergasterrein to be precise. AMS MET is where the metaverse and reality come to meet.

And now you might be wondering “Why is this festival any different from any other tech convention?”. Simply put, in an effort to steer away from traditional tech conferences, MET AMS approaches the metaverse and Web3 subjects through the lens of culture, thus making this event unique, one of a kind. So if you’re a tech-crypto-blockchain-NFT enthusiast this is the place to be between the 14th and the 17th of June. But guess what? If you’re not that much into the Metaverse or anything related to it, and instead would much rather expose yourself to culture, music, and art, this is the place to be too.

What does the Metaverse look like through a cultural lens?

We’ve heard time and time again how the Metaverse is coming, the Metaverse is here, the Metaverse is the future… But, what does that really mean? Because for many people who aren’t involved at all – or even interested for that matter – in virtual life, this statement sounds apocalyptic and just about as credible as the latest Rapture theory. And we can understand why, if you don’t want to invest in NFTs or cryptocurrency, how and why could you ever possibly benefit from the Metaverse? How would you ever come into contact with such a world?

Innovation is not just about the tech. It is about the mindset. And I personally see a lot of old fashion thoughts when we look into the present regime, full of innovative tools but sustained in people exploitation or misinformation. – MET AMS speaker Dr. Giovana Graziosi Caimoso, Decentraland

This is precisely the point that MET AMS tackles, exploring NFTs, crypto, the metaverse and more not only through their relevance in the industry of tech and innovation, but also through their impact on culture, education, and healthcare. The festival will dive into what the metaverse means for topics such as art, music, fashion, and sustainability. It will explore how it can truly impact all of society, as a whole, and why it should matter to everyone.

Before we even enter the work field, the metaverse will improve our education systems. Online universities already exist, but the metaverse will be able to take this one step further. – MET AMS speaker **Sandra Helou, Zilliiqa & Metapolis for Medium

Source: MET AMS

MET AMS will be the most immersive conference to date, and it’s meant for everyone

You read that right! Will there be speakers and incredibly information heavy events going on with some of the most brilliant, forward-thinking minds in the tech industry? Yes.

But will there be plenty of things to do and profoundly enjoy for those whose interest doesn’t revolve around the ins and outs of this technology? Yes, x2. MET AMS will host plenty of live music, art exhibitions, light shows, and AR experiences. Something for each and every one of your senses. Attendees will be able to immerse themselves in the experiences designed and showcased by brands, musicians, and artists; sharing in the adventure of what the metaverse means to them, and their creations.

“There are many blockchain, tech and crypto events that are interesting for a limited number of people. The metaverse and everything that comes with it will have an impact on everyone’s lives in the future. That is why we’ve organized MET AMS and created an event that appeals to the masses.” – Edmund Howard Co-Founder of MET AMS about the event:

Accessibility is the word

Source: Rebel Society

It really is. This is why we’re so incredibly excited about this event. MET AMS actually highlights the inherent accessibility of this technology and firmly upholds the idea that given that the metaverse is new territory, building this new space in an inclusive and diverse manner is an absolute must. This is the philosophy that will be reflected in the festival, putting their money where their mouth is.

Already one can see how MET AMS are succeeding in their goal of making the world of crypto, blockchain, and the Metaverse more accessible. They are literally bringing it to the ground, bringing it to life, so that people will be able to experience the Metaverse for themselves firsthand, rather than merely reading and hearing about it. Not only that, every ticket for the festival includes an NFT gift, quite literally making everyone in attendance a part of this digital universe.

We’ve had enough of hearing about the Metaverse, now we want to live it. And From June 14th through to June 17th in Amsterdam, we finally will.

Get your ticket now, and join us.

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