Why Is Copywriting Crucial For A Fashion Company?

September 24, 2021
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September 24, 2021

When thinking about the important aspects of owning a fashion brand, or a business dedicated to fashion, what pops into our head first? Clothes right? A good business model perhaps. Innovative design, sustainable production processes, and of course, an impeccable visual identity.


It’s the reasonable thing to think, a fashion brand is all about clothes. Clothes are a visual thing, it’s all about that impact right?


But what if we told you that there’s a pretty big chance that you’re overlooking an imperative side of it all? What if there was a tool, that could take your fashion brand to the next level in the eyes of the consumer?


Well, that tool exists, and it’s called copywriting. And many of the biggest, most successful fashion businesses, also have some of the best copy in the world. So why is it that copywriting can be so effective?



Identify Your Audience And Connect With It

Copywriting is an incredibly effective tool yes, but only is it’s used in the right way. In today’s day and age, storytelling is crucial. In a world with an almost infinite amount of choices, consumers have millions of options to pick from. You will be one among countless others that sell shoes, or hats, or tshirt, or -insert your item here-, so while pitching your products, think less about the item, and more about the brand identity. Audiences will want to buy from you not because of what you’re selling, but because of WHO they are buying. Nowadays, audiences don’t just want a pretty product, they actively seek out things they can connect with.


For this very reason, it is of the utmost importance that you identify your audience. Without identifying your audience, you won’t be able to properly focus your copywriting, both in content and tone, as well as direction. Thus making it harder for consumers to connect with you as a brand. You need to be clear and concise about what you can offer to the buyer’s identity.


Once you identify your audience, you can direct your copywriting specifically towards said target audience. Soon enough, your audience isn’t simply made up of individual customers, but a community. And buying from you isn’t solely about wearing clothes, but about being a part of something.



Quality Copywriting Will Elevate Your Brand And Take It To The Next Level

Good copywriting will make you think an item of clothing is cool. Supreme copywriting on the other hand, will make your audience think about what a particular item of clothing will allow them to achieve. Copywriting is the bridge that gaps a business selling “things” and elevates it all the way to selling “life”.


Because people don’t just spend large sums of money on looking good. Well, technically they do, but what we’re hinting at is that one has to dig a little deeper, and target the root of this desire. One looks good, to feel confident, to express themselves, and why? : To build the lifestyle they want. That is what we’re trying to evoke with our copywriting as a fashion brand, the vision of the lifestyle desired. We seek to catch the audience’s attention, make them imagine the life they want, and convince them that our product will get them there.


In essence, we want them to think we can take them one step closer to making their dreams come true.

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