Why As a Brand You Can’t Escape The Metaverse

December 2, 2021
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December 2, 2021

If you’ve been following The Next Cartel for a while, it should come as no surprise to read yet another piece on the metaverse and the virtual world in general. But hey, if you knew something about the future that not only is bound to happen, but is actually beginning to take place right this very moment, would you shut up about it? You wouldn’t would you? That’s our point.

See the thing about the metaverse is, some still believe it might not be here to stay. Then there are those who, like us, believe that not only is the metaverse here to stay, it will be close to impossible to avoid it. If you want to thrive that is. Do you want your business to succeed in the near and far future? Then you’re going to have to enter the metaverse, so buckle up.

The Metaverse Is Today

This is not the first time that businesses face the issue of falling behind on a ‘must have’ for their business. In the early 2000s, many believed that social media was a silly thing that youngsters used to mingle and they refused to see the potential, and imminent future, of these technologies as imperative business tools. Today, the same is happening with digital assets and the metaverse.

Big brands from all types of industries are beginning to take notice, and as a consequence, they are slowly but surely exploring the waters of the metaverse. Some huge names which are top of their industries, such as Facebook, have already decided to deep dive into the metaverse! Now we can officially say that the metaverse has gone mainstream. What is more mainstream than Facebook, sorry, META, after all? It won’t take long until others follow.

Moreover, the proliferation of cryptocurrencies, digital products and services, and virtual spaces and dimensions, is opening up a global virtual economy that is slowly but surely taking over. Soon there will be no option but to join. You may choose not to do so at your own peril, we would certainly not recommend it.

Transitioning Your Business From Physical To Digital

Currently, the metaverse and the virtual world consists for the most part, of virtual iterations of physical products and/or services. Picture this as a sort of transitional phase. This is the best way to dip your toes into the metaverse if you haven’t already. Think about it, audiences no longer trust brands that don’t have an online presence, and they will soon be significantly more interested in exploring and consuming from brands that have virtual assets than those who don’t.

The Future Of The Metaverse Has Already Begun

There are so many brands nowadays that develop their digital identity before even releasing or having a product. In essence, existing in the metaverse as a brand doesn’t have to be all that different from this. You simply have to continue to connect with your consumers digitally, developing your content, digital personas, and products in the metaverse. Thus creating an overall experience that customers can ascribe to.

Regardless of what it is your brand is or does, you will be able to foster brand loyalty through both real-world AND virtual engagements.

So take your seat, and hop onboard the metaverse train, because the journey has already begun. If you wait much longer, it will be much harder to get back on track in three years time.

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