Versatile x Vintage Footwear by Noah x Adidas Originals

November 25, 2021
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November 25, 2021

Noah and Adidas have collaborated once again to offer a brand new, sophisticated midway that blurs the line between functionality and style.

We always find ourselves fascinated by the collaborations between Noah and Adidas, and this time around isn’t an exception. The collection combined the best of both worlds; it embodied Noah’s signature perspective and opted for colour combos that scream classic 70s Adidas leisure, to capture a timeless aesthetic.

Source: Jofemar

Running allows me to set my mind free. Nothing seems impossible. Nothing unattainable.

Kara Goucher, Olympic athlete.

The Adidas catalog and Brendon Babenzien, Noah’s Co-Founder who has a personal passion for running, are this design process’s two pillars of inspiration. They took the classic runners adiZero Pro and experimented on the practicality to create something novel. They kept the spirit of the original design, elevated it, and ended up with inspiring retro footwear that brings the 1970s vibrant energy back into our modern world. The forms are compatible with the contemporary need to be multifunctional, with two distinctive yet complementary silhouettes. One can wear them for a morning workout, or under a suit at a fancy dine-out. The sky is the only limit.

Source: Adidas

We believe the future of fashion is only possible if we commit ourselves to sustainability ASAP. That is why research on material technology is crucial. One of those revolutionary innovations would be Primeblue mesh, an unconventional eco-material that is generated from Parley Ocean Plastic yarns. Adidas has used this unique material in previous collaborations with Noah Clothing, and they continued this practice in the new collaboration.

The footwear in this collection quite literally contributes to remove plastic waste from ocean environments. The upcycled plastic use in the design process isn’t only an environmentally conscious effort; it enhances the features of the footwear with a distinctive suede appearance, proving that the eco-approach can add to the quality and charm of the designs.

Source: Noah

Noah and Adidas Originals have complemented the running-themed collection with additional garments and accessories, including a corduroy tracksuit, hoodie, track pants, and socks. We have fashionable yet functional footwear and a full bodysuit to cover us . What are we waiting for? Let’s run with the wind, or rather… like the wind.

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