Transforming Fashion From The Inside Out: BYBORRE’s Window of Textile Opportunities

November 23, 2021
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November 23, 2021

As you already know, here at The Next Cartel we are fans of innovation and sustainability. We believe that the marriage of the two is truly the way forward, particularly in the Fashion industry.


We champion groundbreaking brands and labels that are leading the charge in the much needed transformation of the inner workings of an industry notorious for its negative environmental impact. The best part of this whole ordeal really, is the innovation that sustainability has brought about. From upcycling, to recycling, to changes in manufacturing, the methods employed to advance the environmental agenda are increasingly intricate and diverse.


Still, for the most part, there’s only so much a designer, or a label, can do. And let’s not forget that often times, sustainability is a privilege accessible only to some. Why you say? Well, creatives tend to have to work with what is already there, meaning, the supply chain that is already in place. This means that they have little decision power over how fabrics and/or materials are physically produced, and often have to settle for manufacturers that they can access and afford, rather than those whose quality and sustainability policies might align with their own.


Lucky for us, and the Fashion industry worldwide, the trailblazer that is BYBORRE has engineered a solution.


BYBORRE is a very well respected textile platform for bespoke and responsible textiles based in Amsterdam that has been turning heads for quite a bit. After finding out about their latest initiative, it’s easy to see why.


Source: Knitting Industry


The textile platform has launched a new global initiative alongside an impressive group of partners, that aims to democratize the textile supply chain to global and emerging brands. The Window of Textile Opportunities (TM) showroom represents a worldwide transparent ecosystem of supply chain stakeholders and industry changemakers, housing permanent exhibitions of the partners, such as The Woolmark Company and Parley for the Oceans. Moreover, the WoTO (TM) includes partnerships with leading universities worldwide including FIT and Parsons (United States), Amsterdam Fashion Institute (The Netherlands), London College of Fashion (United Kingdom) and others who will participate in the program and host workshops, seminars and other events.


Through this ongoing collaboration, the partners of WoTOTM are joining forces to lead the responsibility movement and challenge the industry for the better together, creating an open-source mentality in the textile industry.


Source: Fashion Network


Source: Fashion United


With this initiative, BYBORRE and it’s partners hope to offer low-impact access to textile design and production for all creators that work- or want to work with textile. The showroom is there to facilitate a unique program where leading industry changemakers give access to their knowledge, textile development processes, design tools and responsible ingredients.


WoTO(TM) creates an open-source environment that is focused on other brands’ products and allows them to access textile creation technology of supply chain stakeholders and industry leaders. Borre Akkersdijk, CCO and Co-founder, BYBORRE


Of course, as consumers we have to make responsible choices with hoping the day will come, when sustainability isn’t a mere option, but the norm, as its counterpart will no longer be considered lucrative. However, this industry’s transformation also has to be from the inside out, if this change is here to stay, and not just a passing trend. So hats off to BYBORRE for putting their money, and actions, where everyone’s mouth is lately. There is still hope for this industry after all.

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