Top Winter-Wear Brands to Brave The Cold of The Slopes in Style

November 26, 2021
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November 26, 2021

What pairs well after skiing for a few hours in the freezing winter weather or enjoying the landscape of magnificent snowy mountains? A glass of hot wine or a cup of hot chocolate? It’s a clear yes for both, but still not enough. We are more than glad to offer you a third answer: a stylish winter garment. Being in the cold has never been more fashionable. Are you ready to slalom between the alternatives in this week’s Editor’s Pick?


The course starts with Goldwin’s latest drop. Accurately named Athletic Collection, the collection represents the dynamic essence of the brand. They once again integrated the wild spirit of the outdoors into the minimalistic design, and we are all here for the results.

Source: Goldwin


After clearing the first gate, we arrive at the next equally magnificent alternative to find the style in the cold, with the creations of Haglöfs. Their motto is simple yet sharp: finding inner peace by being outside. Navigating towards a new world with their garments, they invite us to seek adventures closer to home.

Source: Keller Sports


The journey continues towards the next gate, and Swiss premium outdoor brand Mammut greets us. They design garments that keep you warm inside and trendy on the outside. Whether you choose to conquer the top of the mountain with your snowboard or your climbing gear, they have the perfect outfit for the occasion.

Source: Mammut

66º North

Be ready to gain momentum along the course as we encounter Iceland-based 66°North. We are talking about a brand dedicated to providing everyday technical wear by staying true to its heritage. They have a unique natural aesthetic, as they take inspiration from the exceptional interaction between humans and nature.

Source: Meet In Reykjavik


As we arrive at the middle of the discipline, edgy techwear brand Acronym welcomes us. The garments are multifunctional, as Acronym never misses to infuse practicality into its style. The collections also includes accessories like bags to create the total look. Jump on the bandwagon; we are already obsessed with the designs.

Source: Acronym

Templa Project

We’re getting a second wind with the second half of the course and meet Templa, as they celebrate the 6th Edition of the Templa Project. The designs include a peculiar perspective of the brand on classic silhouettes. You can always be snow-ready while planning your next boarding adventure.

Source: Hypebeast


While passing the slippery slopes, Ukraine-based techwear brand Riotdivision arises from the horizon as they present their Fall/Winter 2022 collection The Second Horizon. The collection explores the concept of past and future, and has found the balance in the curvature nature of time. Fierce silhouettes serve as the central pilar of the garments as they reflect the untamed essence of duality.

Source: Riotdivision

Houdini Sportswear

Let’s mention one respected sportswear brand before they pull a Houdini act. Yes, we are talking about a Sweden-based company that seeks to reimagine the future of circular apparel, Houdini Sportswear. They tell the stories with the garments, and we are hanging on their every piece.

Source: Houdini Sportswear


At the end of the course, we find Arc’Teryx, a brand that embraces the motto that there is always a better way. They aim to explore the uncharted temperate rainforest and design garments with that goal in mind. The designs are based and tested on the Coast Mountains, a wilderness where finding the best possible way is vital to handling highly challenging conditions. That is how we can ensure that we are in the right hands regarding protective and stylish winter-wear.

Source: Arc’Teryx

It is now easier to conclude that winter sports offer an unparalleled adventure as we finish the slalom tour with stylish brands to wear this winter. We know that garments’ purpose isn’t solely keeping one warm, they can also be powerful instruments to express your creativity and fashion sense. Bring your A-game to the ski run. We’re waiting for you on the top of the mountain with our ski gears.

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