TNC’s Paris Fashion Week Recap: Futurism or The Future?

October 6, 2021
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October 6, 2021

Today is the final day of Paris Fashion Week, and we are still processing all the amazing fashion show’s we’ve dived into this week!


We can’t help it, maybe it’s the TNC in our blood, but there’s something about designers who just, bring the future into the present that gets us going…


So without further ado, here are our favourite designers for this season’s PFW!


Rick Owens

The spectacular Michèle Lamy, Rich Owen’s wife and muse, was the one to open up the show. Her entrance left us speechless as she walked down the open air arena of the Palais de Tokyo, emerging from the swirl of smoke that rose from a fountain.


The California-born, Paris-based designer has often been dubbed fashion’s “prince of darkness” due to his predilection for dark hues and anti-establishment aesthetics.

Source: CR Fashion Book


Source: CR Fashion Book


Source: CR Fashion Book


His SS22 collection ‘Fogachine’ was quite possibly some of Owen’s purest, best, work. The utter strength, and power of the looks alone were breath-taking. The exquisite fabrics sculpted in intricate forms, the abstract skirts, the dresses embroidered with iridescent feathers, the sliced thigh-high platforms… There was a sort of ethereal allure to it all that we cannot stop thinking about.




Now if there has been a brand this Paris Fashion Week, that has truly encapsulated the feel and vibe of the youth, well that was Ottolinger. The brand’s runway show read as a presentation of Gen Z’s uniform.


Source: Vogue


Source: Vogue


Source: Vogue


Source: Vogue


The signature Gen Z cutouts, with revealing pieces which play around with the notion of being street clothes, underwear, sportswear, and dress-up clothes all at once. Straps, denim, body suits, stretchy plaid mesh tank dresses and one-sleeve jackets.

Many of the pieces were only one colour, while the construction and design of most of these was intricate and otherworldly. Simplicity and boldness combined. Did we just witness what we will see on the streets in ten or twenty years time?




The underground prince of recycling is back! This time with his fashion film East Side Story, which he used to present his womenswear SS20 collection during Paris Fashion Week!

The form fitting designs are bold, and instil in the models a sense of empowerment. The fabrics used look like they were made to take on any obstacle, meant to move and adapt with you, rather than restrict you.


Like we hoped, XULY.Bët’s signature red stitching has a starring role in the show, and we couldn’t be happier. It truly is fantastic to watch the designer grow and evolve, while bringing his essence with him every step of the way, and elevating it to fit the bill.




Designer Kunihiko Morinaga has been quite the digital fashion trailblazer, with technology being one of the key elements incorporated into his designs. Few people do it like him.


Anrealage debuted its digital fashion show this past week, and it simply mindblowing. It feels like we are staring into the future itself.


With countless designers attempting to anticipate the future, and even bring it about, it’s rare to truly find a label that hits the nail right on the head. Sure, there are thrilling and captivating futuristic pieces and collections out there, but futuristic doesn’t necessarily entail the actual future.


But this, now this is quite something… This definitely feels like the future of fashion.


We first enter the anime universe, and soon enough we are transported to the world of U. Out of 2D pieces, a silhouette materialises in a dress, and the 3D model struts down the catwalk presenting the futuristic garment. As the runways show continues, we see the virtual and real world morph into one. Slowly but surely the characteristics of one of the realms seeps into the build of the other, taking over.


This is quite literally, the materialisation of the brand’s nucleus itself. After all, the name of the brand, Anrealage, is born out of the blending of the words ‘unreal’, ‘real’, and ‘age’.

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