TikTok Is The Next Generation Art Platform, But Why?

January 6, 2022
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January 6, 2022

TikTok is the social media sensation of the 21st century. Everyone is aware of it, regardless of whether you’re on or off the app. With one billion active users, it’s the fastest growing social media platform of 2021. Its popularity is far from fading away because while other apps’ audiences seem to be ageing, TikTok is becoming a stage for the next generation.


The widespread recognition of TikTok gives countless opportunities for alternative voices to be heard. This universality can also influence the reserved nature of the art world and can actually help artists boost their careers. In this fast-paced world that we live in, the format in which art is presented is key in the artists’ success when promoting their work. With TikTok specifically, this is largely due to the following three things you get out of the social media network: community-building, visibility, and tools provided.

TikTok Helps in Community-Building

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The potential for artists is promising, not just because of the massive audience one’s exposed to but also due to the algorithm. It favours content creators via effective hashtags and brings like-minded people together on artists’ profiles. Users then establish a single-hearted audience and emotionally invest in the artwork, supporting their favourite artists, thus resulting in them delivering more content. It’s like a positive feedback cycle kinda thing.


Artists also find the chance to share their personal life with spectators. This storytelling process helps followers understand the content creator’s original vision. In doing so, the audience can know the person behind the artwork because they are relatable and within reach. This accessibility creates an authentic bridge between the artist and the fans, which translates into a dedicated fanbase.



TikTok Provides Visibility


TikTok offers an increased visibility potential due to its reliance on the content itself rather than a clickbait trap. Compared to other social media platforms, it is relatively easier to create and share engaging content through TikTok.


Your audience can grow beyond the limits of your imagination. Since visibility is so high, your content can go viral, and its influence can spread to other similar apps. Today it is quite common to see TikTok content on your Instagram feed or even on Twitter. This eye-catching attention spans large audiences across several platforms and gives enormous opportunities to advance one’s artistic career.



TikTok Has An Extensive Repertoire of Video Editing Instruments


Creatively, TikTok provides a wide range of video editing tools for content creators to experiment with and create unique content. Art-wise speaking, the digital realm knows not of the physical limits. TikTok’s filters and editing tools will allow you to defy the laws of physics for the sake of a cool video. Regardless of whether you’re following a global trend or creating original trend-to-be content, TikTok has the suitable means to make it pop.


The app offers a stimulating fusion of sound and visuals that can help both design and complement art pieces. Music is used to invoke emotions, and the visuals complete the artistic expression. This audiovisual experience is unlike any other creative statement, setting itself apart from any other art form due to its easily consumable, insanely accessible and sharable format.

Their time-lapse software is favoured by many artists. Unlike traditional art, fans can engage with the piece and not just look at it. The audience can follow the artists’ creative process, almost as if they had a window-view into the studio. Not only is this type of content fascinating to watch, but it is also highly educational, teaching tips and encouraging the community to create with the artist.

Besides all of the listed perks, this platform brings a new perspective to art, especially in the digital world. Artists can harness the power of the new-age social media platform TikTok to build an audience and start their art career with a significant boost. For example, after Rudy Willingham’s Lil Nas X cutout video went viral, the artist turned TikToker experienced a significant career boost.


Any artist can use this platform to elevate their career, regardless of age or art style. Harumichi Shibasaki is the perfect example of this. He’s a Japanese painter who attracted significant attention from a younger demographic after joining TikTok. He experienced colossal growth in his pre-existing career.


Source: Jing Culture & Commerce


From NFTs to visual illusions, from realistic paints to murals, and even pottery, the artistic community of TikTok is extremely rich in quality and quantity. The high number of active users helps artists push their unique art forms and careers. TikTok is bringing bit time GenZ energy to the perception of art and conforms with the soul of the changing art world.


How exactly will this impact art in the future? We’ll have to wait and see.

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