The Meta Gala: Where Will You Be Tomorrow When History Is Made?

September 16, 2021
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September 16, 2021

We know you’ve probably spent the last week perusing all the Met Gala outfits, and we wouldn’t be surprised if every time you go to sleep you dream of Quannah Chasinghorse’s show stopping, Native American inspired outfit, we know we do.


Alas we are not here to talk about the Met Gala surprisingly enough, we are here to talk about something somewhat related to it, only much, much cooler.


Taking inspiration from the famous Met Gala, as a close to Crypto Fashion Week we present to you: The Meta Gala, an interactive 3D experience with accompanying WEB3 enabled auction.


All outfits modelled by the virtual beings in the show will be available to purchase for a limited time as rare 1 of 1 NFTs.


Crypto Fashion Week (CFW) Logo / Photos courtesy of CFW


Could it be? Are we truly that close to the future we’ve been dreaming of?


The event features celebrity avatars, metahuman influencers and exclusive wearables from the hottest designers in the space. Prominent figures from all across the crypto fashion atmosphere are coming together to shape the future of fashion.


Not only that, but a percentage of sales of these NFTs will benefit the establishment of a Digital Fashion Design Fund, which has the aim to support designers and creatives who lack access to minting and exposure to the NFT ecosystem. What better way to ensure that we keep going towards the future we dream of, than collaborating in the promotion of those who will eventually carry the evolution up the stairs of these metaverses themselves.


# The Meta Gala: Where Will You Be Tomorrow When History Is Made?


The theme of the Meta Gala is “As Above, So Below”, which speaks to the dissipating boundary between IRL and virtual lands, also the fluidity of identity as individuals construct and re-construct themselves in these converging lands.



The auction will take place tomorrow 17th of September at 11:11AM EST HERE, on a purpose-built platform for Crypto Fashion Week.


Make sure you tune in guys, we sure will. Who knows, maybe one day you will be asked, where were you during the first ever Meta Gala, when history was made?

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