Powered by Blockchain, We are Launching our First Digital-only NFT Streetwear Collection

September 7, 2021
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September 7, 2021

Hello everyone! Beautiful day isn’t it? For us it most definitely is as we’re delighted to share our own NFT streetwear collection with you!

If you’ve been following our journey for the past few months, you might have noticed our exponential interest in NFTs and digital fashion. Some of us have been crypto fanatics since 2017, and as the NFT culture took shape end of 2020 with a climax around Cryptofashion Week: A weeklong event that rounded up the most innovative collectives of designers, tech experts, and artists to present their ground-breaking work during spring this year, we have been following the developments closely.

As THE NEXT, we constantly aim to break the mould, to surpass the limits of imagination itself, and explore the depths of culture, innovation, and design. That is where our heart lies. We were simply enraptured by the possibilities of the crypto- and virtual world. It was right there and then, we knew what we had to do.

For us, the sky isn’t the limit, it’s only the beginning…

The first drop of TC2171 will be at the end of the month, a very conceptual collection drawing inspiration from a future dated 150 years from now in Amsterdam, by then a city submerged in water. Staying true to our nature the collection is inspired by urban streetwear and the extreme conditions inhabitants of this time would face.

TNC is launching the NFT brand of the future for planet earth. TC2171 honours the evolution of human values and adaptability as humanity faces an inevitable destiny. Making sure humans are brought forward in both functionality and style, whilst crafting the next generation forward thinking society.

TC2171 is here to remind, recognise, and reunite.

The year is 2171 and Amsterdam as we know it is totally submerged in water. As a new geographic silhouette graces the city, and superstructures rise high above the sea level, a new cultural climate rules the neighbourhoods of Amsterdam. Was humanity not able to face itself before the catastrophe happened, or, was it all part of a masterful plan in order to bring about the beginning of a new era? Life in the new city exists both above and below the water surface, and the challenging conditions have bred a necessity for uniquely functional styles, in order to guarantee the survival of its inhabitants in both worlds.

With highly efficient technology humans are able to move in ultra fast vehicles between places, as well as commute to the water world. The very same conditions have made them into self-sufficient and empowered individuals, allowing them to take the concepts of autonomy and unity to the next level. They’ve risen above and beyond the surface level of what city life used to be like, now sharing resources and space in self governing communities.

TC2171 Amsterdam Underwater

A sense of empowered autonomy, self expression, and commune steadily oozes through the air. TC2171 is the functional streetwear brand that remind us about humanity’s faith, recognises the potential of autonomous individuality, and reunites us as a community.

It is with all our pride and joy, that we share this exciting venture with you guys, our TNC community. Our team has been working tirelessly to make this happen, and the work of Fashion Designer Leonore Boeke, 3D Designer Cornel Doornebosch, Sound designer & Project manager Adeline, and Creative Director Felipe Santibañez, is nothing short of amazing.

The pieces can be purchased with either crypto or fiat currency (traditional money), and it truly can be purchased by anybody! You do not need to be an NFT or cryptocurrency expert in order to dive into this historical moment. These pieces are a crypto investment, exclusive art collector items, and completely unique.

The TNC2171 NFT streetwear brand will be available through the NFT market place built in collaboration with the American blockchain developers GigLabs on our site.

So save this date:

Thursday, 30th of September 2021

Wait, what’s happening on the 30th of September? Well, TNC family, that’s the day the auction for the TC2171 NFT streetwear collection is taking place. Make sure you sign up to our newsletter so you don’t miss out on a single detail of this exhilarating new venture! Especially since we will also be releasing a collaboration with Tel Aviv based company Trenario this month. Trenario is a company that develops AI generated news video content, and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve done with them.

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