The Cruèlest Personal Shopping Experience, CRUÈL Unveils New Showroom!

December 17, 2021
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December 17, 2021

One of our favourites CRUÈL, opened its doors to its showroom past Saturday. They’re trying out something new called “The Personal Shopping Experience.” It allows shoppers to browse through their collections online, as well as physically with them. This way, they can transport the Cruèlest experience anytime and anywhere.

                     Photos courtesy of CRUÈL

This is not all CRUÈL has been up to lately, and thank the universe for that.

The fashion label is also presenting CRUÈL SS22 ‘An Obliteration in Amorous Spheres’. A collection that brings CRUÈL’s wearable avant-garde styles in high-quality, durable fabrics. CRUÈLE’s signature designs are designed to be optimistic symbols of the future, infused with the nostalgia of the past influences. This collection, which provides its wearer with a sense of strength and security, recognizes growth by loving others. It is a moment to appreciate the experience of love through its emotional and aesthetic sensitivity.

This season of the CRUÈL designs focuses on growth and healing, characterized by a balance of different contrasting elements, representative of wavering emotions. The collection emphasizes an artistic between sharp silhouettes, exaggerated proportions and warm browns, fused by CRUÈLS’ infamous play with deconstruction.

So keep an eye out because it seems that great things are happening, and you wouldn’t wanna miss out on them now would you?

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