COMMON Å COMMUNĒ: A Social Experiment In Sustainable Womenswear

June 8, 2021
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June 8, 2021

At COMMON Å COMMUNĒ’, design process is everything.

The sustainable brand’s attention to detail transforms each garment into a treasure hunt. The details are everywhere, whether you’re hunting in the silhouette, fabric choices, or signature metal fixtures.

For experimental designer Azzari, it’s not just in the details, it’s in the micro-details. Her process is “heavily led by conceptual design,” she said in an interview.

Additionally, each decision is thought through in terms of environmental and social implications.

Part of this considered approach involves a ‘reclamation’ of men’s sportswear items, in a move towards fitted and functional clothes for women. Her string pieces are all made out of reconsidered, reclaimed menswear items, and other form-fitting pieces are created with recycled materials.

Because let’s face it, so much sportswear doesn’t take time to consider female proportions. COMMON Å COMMUNĒ’ takes the problem of oversized, ill-fitting sportswear and up-cycles it into a solution that puts women first. In fact, the designer intends to use design to “create social dialogue around gender” and social tensions.


And the pieces allow for both revolutionary, form-fitting functionality and a sensual, avant-garde aesthetic.

Engraved string fixtures, innovative silhouettes, thoughtful layering, coloured string features, and breathable fabrics place the clothes in an unusual but brilliant intersection between sportswear and experimental evening-wear.

To get your hands on these sustainable, womenswear must-haves head over to the website.

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