The Hidden Gems of The Shanghai Fashion Week 2021

April 15, 2021
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April 15, 2021


Source: Hypebeast

Okay okay okay, alright alright alright. So much happened this Shaghai Fashion Week, and we are only just catching our breath after these show-stopping labels took it away. The pressure was on for Bloom The Spring, being the first physical fashion week since the pandemic started and all, and… It did not disappoint.

Source: Hypebeast

We’ve already been swept up by ROARINGWILD’s anti-conformist sentiment, and we have gushed over and over again every time a Mark Fairwhale piece blessed our sight. Still, drooling over the guru of Chinese steetwear is kind of like lusting after Brad Pitt in Troy. Is Achilles exquisite? Yes. Was he a gift from the gods? Quite literally.

BUT, while all eyes scoured that perfectly sculpted torso, did the whole world sleep on the sumptuous meal that was Eric Bana, a.k.a the Ancient Greek daddy we’d all like to have, Hector? Also yes. A million times yes.

So, ladies and gentlemen, let us humbly introduce you to two of TNC’s favourite brands this Shanghai Fashion Week. The Shaghai FW21’s Hectors if you please.


ATTEMPT’s AW21 “ATTISM” carried a very strong conceptual message. The collection was a proponent of heterogeneous survival modes within the pre-existing organised system.


The rather muted pieces, all in staple basic tones, – black, white, and brown – brought forth this seemingly contradictory, yet surprisingly utilitarian, collective image, of restrictions being freedom. “ATTISM” emphasises the bizarre coexistence between uniformity and distinctive characters, and how they can become two sides of the same coin. Truly quite the feat, managing to capture and harmonise these two opposite concepts and fuse them into one.






UMAMIISM OYSTER have knocked it out of the park with this one. And no we don’t mean that figuratively.

Source: Hypebeast

The label’s AW21 collection “QUIET FRIEND” reinterprets the outdoor concept by synthesising it with the whimsy, fantastical, and at times bittersweet romance of 90s adventure films. That idea of a child going missing, and randomly striking up a heartwarming friendship with a despondent monster, becoming BFFs and learning hard-hitting life lessons together. Think Where The Wild Things Are, but haute couture.

Source: Hypebeast

Both of these labels happen to have in common the fact that they have showcased their talent in Shanghai FW21 via the Labelhood projectThe Labelhood project is a platform which seeks to incubate, nurture, and serve as a catalyst of Chinese design talent, ensuring it becomes a part of the global fashion conversation, as it rightfully diserves.

What can we say… Labelhood knows where the Hectors are, so please, keep’em coming!


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