Satta Studio, the brand that is down to earth

April 15, 2021
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April 15, 2021

If you’re looking for a brand that has a great purpose and great values, look no further.

Satta, a design studio set up their own retail store, called Satta Studio and bases in Barcelona. They sell garments, ceramics, art & photo books and garden Tools.

In their own words, they create lifestyle goods for the mind and body which invites ritual and simplicity into our daily lives.

Their inspiration is derived from nature and being captivated in the city. They focus on embodying a connectedness and balance with the natural world. They produce on small scale and use natural and sustainable materials.

Since their first collection in 2014 which included hand-drawn graphic tee’s, their projects have evolved organically focusing on notions of utility, simplicity and comfort.

What separates them from other similar studios, is the events Satta organizes. On the 18th of April, they’re hosting a tea ceremony hosted by Mellow Sheng, a gastronomy and culture platform with an emphasis on natural food making process, oriental tea culture and Chinese calligraphy. It is hosted in Studio Satta and allows anyone to join, but only goes up to 6 people.

With their prime location around the corner from Arc de Triomf, they have an amazing location to go along with a stylish boutique.

If you’re ever in Barcelona, this Satta Studio should definitely be on your list of stores to visit. If not, their online shop and webpage is definitely worth the visit as well!

At TNC, we’ve got it up there on our list for sure!

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