‘Sartorial Adolescence’ : The Only Workwear For Creative Ambition

April 6, 2021
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April 6, 2021

Should you really have to choose between functional workwear and contemporary elegance? What if we told you that the perfect combination of utilitarian workwear and high-fashion style exists and it is right here? Look no further.

UNTITLED COLLECTIVE’s FW21 collection ‘Sartorial Adolescence’ is a stunning re-imagination of  workwear and an ode to “the tension between vulnerability and resilience.”

Source: Office Magazine

The play on archetypical tailoring breathes new life into workwear. The contrasting silhouettes brought together in their ensembles — fluidity versus rigidity  — are perfectly symbolic of the brand mission. ‘Sartorial Adolescence’ combines the uncertain fluidity of youth with the powerful, high-fashion aesthetic that young, ambitious people deserve.

The neutral and earthy tones used in the collection act as a mirror to the designers’ environment —  the warehouses and buildings of Brooklyn.

Source: Office Magazine

With this play on typical workwear, you can’t avoid conjuring up images of a determined wearer in the pieces, striding through the city with purpose. Almost ghoulishly cool. Impossibly chic. Elegance practically radiating off them.

These wearers don’t just work in the city. They prosper. Goodbye to the old generation of worker-drones from the city. And hello to the youthful artists, re-imaging all aspects of life. The ‘adolescents’ of the working world.

Shop the collection here on the UNTITLED COLLECTION website.

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