SAMPLE-CM Channels The Strength and Power of The Amazons in New Collection

October 14, 2021
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October 14, 2021

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]As the only mixed sports of the olympics and with an overwhelming majority of women members, the equestrian competitions are yet mostly won by white cis-male athletes. The caring and emotional relationships women riders would have with their horses are often pointed through gender prejudices when presented as “ overprotective” and at the expense of the performance.

Mocked and stigmatised, the so called “feminine” ways to ride, are also joined by extremely gendered gear marketing (pink outfit, glittery brushes and grooming kit…) underlining essentialism, reinforcing the gender expectations while masking the systemic inequity at professional levels.

It was precisely all of this that inspired SAMPLE-CM’s latest collection: Grand Bassin. You may remember this ground-breaking brand from their latest collection, which fused martial arts and high fashion. This time round, SAMPLE-CM is back with a general re-appreciation of the care and the partnership that equestrians have with their horses.

Photos courtesy of SAMPLE-CM

GB2022-CLUB articulates sets of elements – combined together through braiding techniques. They pay tribute to this special time of grooming spent with the horse before riding. Tiny gentle gestures and caring daily rituals are here at the center of the creative process. Attached or detached, braided or not, the pieces oscillate between rodeo fringes and tight equestrian gear, amazon one breast top and jockey jacket, pony mottled coat and stretchy velvet. Each design carries the name of  a typical horse name inviting you to care for and interact with.

The new collection of Grand Bassin wishes to combine vulnerability and power. These revaluation strategies are particularly relevant alternatives to masculinization as the only providential way towards emancipation, equality, and success.

In clear connection with the natural world, the GB2022-CLUB interweaves figures of contemporary Amazons with up-to-date witches. These new models offer different paths to examine gender fluidity in sports while they work also as opportunities to re-define sport values and re-design sportswear.

Make sure to check GB2022-CLUB out and get your hands on it here!


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