SAMBYPEN X MCM: A Graffiti-Inspired Collaboration at The Centre Of The Zeitgeist

May 12, 2021
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May 12, 2021

Luxury German house MCM has come together with Seoul-based SambyPen, AKA Sam Kim, for a collection that sees graffiti-inspired designs scattered across a generous range of leather goods, apparel, and homeware pieces.

Inviting graffiti artist SAMBYPEN into MCM’s “particular” and “extraordinary” family was anobvious choice for the brand (according to their website)


Source: High Snobiety

SAMBYPEN’s subversive graphics for this collaboration take inspiration from the brand’s journey from Munich to Seoul. He created three tongue-in-cheek characters: Henry the Timid Lion (inspired by the Munich Lion), Kaiser the Blunt Puppy (inspired by Wilhelm II & the symbol of Germany), and Haru the Wicked Rabbit (inspired by the MCM Rabbit & German Easter Hare).

MCM’s signature leather bags make for a luxury canvas for his designs, but the collaboration does not stop there. A full range of apparel including short-sleeved cotton shirts, windbreakers, polo-shirts, hoodies, and shorts, is included in the limited-edition collab.

Dirk Schönberger, Global Creative Officer, MCM commented on the coming together “the shared ethos between MCM and SambyPen resulted in a collaborative project where art, fashion and entertainment blend and the underground converges with luxury.”

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