Editor’s Pick: RIMON Drops 3D Animation Video For ‘Feed Me’: You’re Welcome

December 24, 2021
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Written By:
December 24, 2021

A while back we had the pleasure of getting to know Amsterdam-based creative collective ALLE$. Ever since we’ve followed them closely, particularly the skyrocketing career of the jaw-droppingly, awe-inspiring, RIMON.

Early September, the Eritrean-born singer released her new EP Digital Tears and we’ve had on it repeat ever since. The 6-track project, produced by Samuel Kareem, marked a total shift for her sonically and visually. All the creatives involved in the project were found through Instagram with no previous connection to RIMON, a luxury that modern technology offers allowing creatives to connect across the world. In a way, Digital Tears is a perfect example of the direction music is going towards, with many things and aspects of the music-making process happening digitally.

And now, like the perfect gift come Christmas time, RIMON has dropped a new 3D video for her single ‘Feed Me’.

Entering into an unexplored animated world, the song explores the difficult dynamic between humans and technology – more specifically phones – and how the obsession and addiction can be akin to one of romance. We follow RIMON as her digital self steps into a new realm, becoming overwhelmed, amazed and totally engaged in her new dimension, but nothing is ever what it seems.

The video was animated by Sorek, an animator and designer from Paris – with additional sequences provided by Hilly, based in London. All characters were designed by the incredible Serwah Attafuah, from Sydney.

Ending the year with this dystopian video, RIMON demonstrates that she is unlike any other artist in her field, she continues to shapeshift and take on new stories and personalities with every project she puts out. Blending the best bits of Hip-Hop, Neo-Soul, Jazz and R&B all under one roof, the EP is another triumph for the artist who continues to document life through her poetic lyrics.

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