Meet Reuben Selby: Multitalented Designer Staying True To Himself

July 8, 2021
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July 8, 2021

Working in different industries or fields simultaneously is not an easy task for most people. It takes a lot of hard work, time, and sacrifices in order to be successful in not only one, but two, or more ventures.

Reuben Selby is different though, he makes it seem easy. Seamlessly working in different creative fields, from co-founding a modelling and creative agency, to creating his own fashion brand in the midst of a pandemic.

His latest fashion win? Well, how about his second collection titled Clash being shown at the London Fashion Week? Not bad, not bad at all. The showcase was accompanied by live music performed by his partner, Maisie Williams. The idea behind it being to give a taste of what the brand will bring, creatively speaking.

Source: Metal Mag
The collection flaunts gender and body diversity by means of hard industrial elements. It shows a sensibility which is rough around the edges. But in a way, it is an ode to his mixed heritage and the clash of cultures. Hiding and even losing a part of yourself but, ultimately, it’s about finding the harmony in that and presenting yourself authentically.

The way Selby is looking to breach the industry is just by staying true to himself, and making art because not he has to, but rather purely and simply because he wants to. He will continue to release collections albeit without consistency, because it depends on how he feels and how his team feels. Some might take a year, some only a few months. But as long as just stays true to himself, and his talent, we can’t see what could get in the way of the designer’s success.

Source: Metal Mag

Source: Metal Mag

Moving forward, the way that Reuben sees the brand in the future is doing more than just fashion shows. The roots of it all, lie in art, so perhaps stripping away the clothes and making it a performance. Or literal art, maybe create an exhibition, or even do some paintings. The possibilities for a creative mind like his are endless.

These are the things I want to explore, the brand is just a medium for self-expression. I’ve already got ideas for the next collection, how it would be, but it is important to me that that doesn’t ever feel like, “ok, we have to do our next collection.”

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